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Yesterdays Feelings [entries|friends|calendar]

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8.14.05 - 03.54AM
my mom came home in tears. I stood with her for 10 minutes just hugging her as she cried on my shoulder. I hate seeing my mom like this. It hurts me. after the hug.. i came and signed off. and went back to my mom. She hugged me and told me what happened and how shes mad at herself for screwing up. I told her.. its not her fault and kept telling her that. Then the door bell rings [remember this is all at 3:30 am] and it was him he came in and demanded his stuff. right at this moment he's packing up and yelling at my mom, telling her shes selfish. my mom tells me to go back to the computer room and not to come out until he is gone. I am practically crying. I hate seeing my mom like this. its supposed to be me crying on her shoulder and her telling me everythings going to be alright. I am f**king angry and sad. I want to move to Toronto when im 18 for university, but i might not because i need to be with my mom. Omg. I feel like im about to break down.
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6.4.05 - 12.58PM
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Andrew McMahon, lead singer of the pop/rock acts Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, has been diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. Treatment of his condition, from which his doctors believe he will fully recover, according to a statement, necessitates the cancellation of the upcoming tour plans for both bands.

Jack's Mannequin has been on the road for a few weeks and has dates scheduled through a June 13 stop in Dallas. Announcing a cancellation last week prior to his diagnosis, McMahon took to the band's official Web site to express his guilt about not being able to play the gig.

"I have sung five shows now with an unrelenting case of laryngitis and finally spoke with my doctor this morning," he wrote on May 25. "He fears if I continue to sing without resting that I could do permanent damage to my voice.

"It has been a source of pride for me that I have never cancelled a show for voice troubles," he added. "Today is one of the hardest days of my entire touring career."

After the Jack's Mannequin dates, Something Corporate was due to play a couple of mid-summer festivals before joining the Vans Warped Tour for a 13-show run across the first half of August.

Despite the cancellation of the tours and his treatment, McMahon has insisted that the planned release of the debut Jack’s Mannequin album, "Everything in Transit," due in August from Maverick Records, goes ahead as scheduled.

Something Corporate has released two albums. "Leaving Thru the Window" (Drive-Thru/MCA) bowed at No. 1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart in 2002. Its follow-up, "North" (Drive-Thru/Geffen) bowed at No. 24 on The Billboard 200. The albums have sold 291,000 and 339,000 in the United States, respectively, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

So, now we've got the Bleed The Dream drummer dead (from cancer), the lead singer of the boyband LFO with leukemia, the rancid man with lung cancer, and Kylie Minogue with breast cancer...It's sooooo sad.

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5.24.05 - 08.09PM
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5.23.05 - 04.30PM

Quiz ish thing stolen fro AudreyCollapse )


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Go to this site. [Sunday
4.17.05 - 07.35PM
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4.11.05 - 07.53AM
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